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What is Spinal Fixation ?

Spinal fixation devices provide stability and restore physical alignment in the treatment of fractures, degenerative diseases, infections, and tumors, and have been seen in congenital deformities such as scoliosis. The devices provide immediate stability, but are not strong enough to withstand long-term stress and eventually fail, in most cases, if bone fusion does not occur. Bone graft material is often used to promote fusion and replace bone after resection. Internal fixation is used to maintain position and alignment and to prevent motion when the spine fuses. Plates and rods are attached to the vertebral body or rear elements along with wires, screws and hooks. Screws and wires can also be used as a means of fixation alone. Surgical techniques and instrumentation have advanced in recent years and radiologists are exposed to a wide variety of instruments. They should be able to identify various most commonly used plates, screws, wiring techniques and grafts and understand their role in the cervical spine for the treatment and treatment of fractures and degenerative diseases.

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In this era of development, life is getting faster and faster day by day. This speed is not limited only in cities, but also extends to villages. Many things have to be achieved with this development, but it has also given a backpain-like curse to fast daily lifestyles that those who suffer from it have reached the point that in almost every household a patient is neck or Suffers from back pain. This pain is sometimes so severe that it is also difficult to do daily activities. Help taking medication only is temporary and not a permanent solution. Nowadays medical science has developed so much that there is a complete cure for this problem and you can also contact a Spine Surgeon specialist in Delhi / NCR for the best treatment.


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Spinal Implants

There are many cases in which most spinal disorders are not considered necessary. However, in cases where a spinal implant is required, the surgical procedure becomes mandatory. Spinal implants are made from metals such as titanium or titanium alloys, stainless steel, although some implants are also made from non-metallic compositions. Implantation is usually performed to correct the deformity, stabilize, smooth the progression of fusion, and provide strength to the spine.