Spine OPD Camp

Do you suffer from: Back pain, neck pain, curved back, radiating pain going to legs or arms, infections of spine, fractures of spine????
Do visit Satyak healthcare clinic on 12th Jan, 2020.
Our Spine specialist will take care of all your Spine problems.

Disc prolapse : back pain radiating to legs or arms
Spondylolisthesis: back pain due to slipping of vertebrae
Spinal stenosis: difficulty walking with heaviness in legs
Fractures of spine: due to fall, road traffic accidents, slipping on floor or  osteoporosis
Spinal compression with walking imbalance, difficulty in passing urine, weakness of hand grip, clumsy hand, difficulty in doing fine activity with hands and fingers
Curved spine: in children and adults (scoliosis)
Hunchback/ rounded back (kyphosis)
Infections of spine: back pain with fever
Tumours in spine: back pain with weight loss
•Head neck junction disorders